Sam Cother - Producer and Session Musician

Sam Cother is a UK based songwriter, composer, producer, session musician and engineer who has been professionally working in the music industry since 2013. Since then, Sam has gone on to work as an assistant engineer/in-house session musician at Studio 91 (Bring Me The Horizon, Fickle Friends, Amber Run, Robin Trower). As well as this, Sam has been producing his own music since 2017 under the alias of, BabyShoes. 2020 saw Sam release several projects under this pseudonym, including his album "Everyone That Could've Been". As of 2021, Sam plays professionally for a collection of Bristol based artists as well as bands located within the Berkshire area.

Sam is available for professional hire so feel free to shoot him a message social media or email.


"The bastard child of David Bowie and Sonic Youth." 

Stuart Bruce - Producer/Engineer (Kate Bush/Duran Duran/Frankie Goes To Hollywood)



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£150 per day

A full production includes us working together to record and mix your music.


£100 per day

If you hire me for session work, I promise to supply your tracks with an outstanding performance, no matter the instrument.


Gear Rundown

This section is for all my "gearheads" out there. There's a lot to go through so let's just jump right in.


  • Yamaha Stage Custom Bop Kit

  • Sabian 15 inch Groove Hi-Hats

  • Istanbul Agop Xist Dark Ion Crash 19

  • Sabian 22 inch Monarch Ride

  • Big Fat Snare Drum The Original 14 inch

  • Big Fat Snare Drum Steve's Donut 14 inch

  • LP Red Jam Block

  • Remo Pinstripe Tom Heads

  • Remo Emperor Bass Drum Head 

  • Remo Ambassador X14 Snare Head

103293845_3604441572949997_968736941323424511_n (1).jpg


  • Squier 70s Classic Vibe Jaguar with Creamery Super Sonic 60s in the Bridge and Neck

  • Partscaster Tele with Mojo Pickups

  • Danelectro 63 Baritone

  • Revelation RTL-55

  • Squier Classic Vibe Mustang Bass

  • Behringer Super Fuzz

  • Stone Deaf Fig Fumb

  • Boss SD-1

  • Orange Fur Coat

  • Boss TU-3

  • Boss CH-1

  • Digitech Ricochet

  • Boss Space Echo

  • Watkins Copicat MK3

  • Vox AC30

  • Boss Katana MKII 2x12 Combo




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